Steps in Use Case: Postpartum and Infant Care
Use Case Step: Arranging baby’s first visit to the pediatric clinic



Sona uses her mobile phone to book an appointment at the local pediatric clinic. Sona helps Sowmya by uploading the child’s details, family medical history and hospital discharge summary into the mother and child care system from her mobile phone. Sona downloads information about managing child growth and the importance of immunization from the MCTS system to Sowmya’s phone. Sona and Sowmya receive SMS messages on their mobile phones from MCTS reminding them of the appointment.


The following are generic transactions that facilitate this step:

  1. Scheduling appointment
  2. Send link to client and/or CHW to fill out online new client registration form
  3. Submit new client registration form to client case management system
  4. Send appointment reminders


The following are contextual workflows where the generic transactions support:

  • Work planning and coordination for booking appointments at the paediatric clinic and lab, auto- populating doctors’ worklists and calendars, generating SMS reminders to mobile devices of relevant participants, and tracking completion/no show status until the appointment expires

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